The 1975

Sunday 18th December @ Metro Radio Arena

The band welcomed a sold out crown in Newcastle Metro Radio Arena, and spent their almost 2 hour set charming and teasing the audience with every move they made.


Opening whilst playing in total darkness- before bursting into the vibrant Love Me, UGH!, Heart Out and Change of Heart, which set the scene for a loud and emotional roller coaster of a concert. There was dancing, tears, laughter and loud music- it was truly amazing! For an arena gig, they delivered exactly what the crowd were looking for, with a combination of intimate songs which makes you think that you’re in a room alone with them- and not with a capacity of 11,000, with their sound filling the large venue.

Matty Healy, Newcastle born and bred, took the time in between songs to really talk with their fans, whom most had been queuing outside all day to see thee band. He urged the fans to lead the way and be the voices of progression, before launching straight into Loving Someone, which projected the LBGT flag in fron of them, telling everyone they stand for equality.


They played the hits from their self titled debut album with Sex, Robbers and Girls- which all got the crowd belting out. The concert ended with everyone jumping in unison singing to the closing song, The Sound, at Mattys command.


Whenever The 1975 play in Newcastle they put on a spectacular performance. University O2 Academy, Metro Radio Arena – all have been incredible and I look forward to the next chapter of their journey.



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